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Communication and Speech

iPad with 16 GB, wi-fi only Apple iPad 16G, wi-fi only (Several available) Apple, Inc. Tablet with speech communication apps, including LAMP, Proloquo2go, TouchChat and more
Nova Chat 10 speech communication device NovaChat 10 Saltillo Android tablet-based Speech Communication Device. Optional Spanishl
TobiiDynavox t10 Speech Communication Device TobiiDynavox t10 TobiiDynavox Android-based speech generation device, 9.7 inch screen
Pro Slate 10 FRS ProSlate 10 FRS Custom Solutions iPad-based Speech Communication 
PRC Prio iPad-based Speech Communication Device with LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planinng) PRC Prio (2 available) Prentke-Romich Company iPad-based Speech Communication using LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) app
Step by Step with levels communicator Step-by-Step Communicator (Red, Green, Blue or Yellow) InfoGrip Simple recordable communication device
Big Mack Communicator BigMACK (comes with changeable lids) AbleNet Recordable, simple communication device
Talking Brix (two sets in library) Ablenet, Inc. Thin, light communicators with built-in magnets. Comes in set of 3
PRC Accent 1200 PRC Accent 1200 (Red) Prentke-Romich Company Dedicated speech communication device
Accent 1400 speech communication device Accent 1400 Prentke-Romich (PRC) Comes with NuEye component for eye gaze
PRC Vantage Lite Vantage Lite (2 units -- 1 green, 1 black)  Prentke-Romich Company Speech Generation Device using Word Power and LAMP communication software. 
PRC Vanguard II Vanguard II AAC Device Prentke-Romich Company Speech Generation Device with head-tracking included
PRC Springboard Communication Device Springboard AAC Device Prentke-Romich Company Speech Generation Device for speech, communication impaired. Good for beginners of electronic AAC devices, 
PRC Eco2 Communication Device Eco 2 -- Two units, blue Prentke-Romich, Inc. Electronic Speech Generation Device
Lingraphica Macbook based speech communication device Lingraphica Apple Macintosh laptop-based AAC device; includes touch-screen technology. Does not include Macintosh laptop computer functions.
QuickTalker Freestyle iPad-based communication device with Proloquo2go app installed. QuickTalker Freestyle Ablenet, Inc. This i-Pad based communication app comes with Proqloquo2 installed.
PC Eye Explore peripheral Eye Gaze Device for laptops PC Eye Explore TobiiDynavox Entry level eye tracking device
Tobii PC Eye 1 Tobii PC Eye TobiiDynavox Eye gaze component for PCs. Discontinued by Tobii
Laptop Communicator Laptop Communicator  Enabling Devices, Inc. Record and play back from 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 different messages per level.
Cheaptalk Communicator  Cheap Talk Communicator  Enabling Devices, Inc. Record messages for playback, can be used with switches. 
Medley Communication Aid Medley Communication Aid Adaptivation Inc.
Features direct selection, sequencing, randomizing and external switch use
Object Communication System Talking My Way Object Communication System Turning Point Technology A system for communication using objects mounted on plastic cards with matching Picture Communication Symbols. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD